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EPC Review of Solar Panel Installtion
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What impact do solar panels have on the EPC rating?

SEA Consulting was instructed to carry out a review of the EPC rating, that had recently had a PV solar panel array installed on the roof by SogoSolar who also happened to be the tenant.

For this property the EPC improved from a C rating to an A rating and with the addition of battery storage, has meant the tenant is off grid for 9 months of the year.

With the property now an A rating, the landlord is now protected against the proposed MEES requirements for 2030, so the alterations have been a win/win.

The impact to the EPC rating will vary from building to building. If you looking to install solar panels, if is recommended to see what difference the panels will have before going ahead, this information can then help optimise the installation and help achieve a desired rating.