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When dealing with property matters, it is easy to get overloaded with technical jargon being presented to you and trying to understand implications to your business.

At SEA Consulting we having been provide tenants with MEP technical expertise for over 40 years when it come to dealing with landlords and their agents on a number of issues such as:

  • Condition Surveys for Lease Negotiations and Due Diligence
  • Landlord/Tenant Improvement Works
  • Licence to Alter / Schedule of Dilapidations
  • Maintenance and Service Charge Costs
  • Compliance with Statutory Obligations
  • Dealing with ongoing problems with the building services
  • Failure of services maintenance within lease agreements.

Along with an extensive network of highly professional specialists, we are here to help you deal with the full spectrum of tenant services and reporting needs, advising you on what your rights are, helping to minimise costs and disruption to your business.

Due Diligence

Condition Reports

EPC Reviews


MEP Design

Landlord & Council Disputes


Building Services

Due Diligence

Due Diligence

Finding a property for your business can be an exciting period and you may be eager to sign the lease or buy the property to get started, however before you sign the paperwork it is important to carry out due diligence and get a detailed commercial property survey.

Unlike renting residential properties, with a commercial lease you are effectively purchasing the property for that period of time. Any issues with the property normally become your responsibility under the terms of the lease. This means if the roof leaks or the boiler fails then then you will be paying for the repairs.

You are also subject to dilapidations at the end of your lease, which means you have to remove anything you add and put the building back to the condition in which you found it.

But don’t be deterred, here at SEA Consulting we can help you with you due diligence before you sign.

You can protect yourself from costly surprises and make sure that you are getting the best possible deal on your property. Here are some of the benefits of having a commercial property surveyed before signing the lease:

  • Understand the condition of the property and identify any potential problems that could lead to costly repairs or renovations.
  • Negotiate a better price for the property or make informed decisions about repairs or renovations that you may be liable for.
  • Obtain financing for the property.

Make sure that the property is suitable for your commercial activity.

Condition Reports

Condition Reports

Condition survey give you and understanding of the property you are looking to take, identify issues and report on a its suitability for your intended use. They can provide a basis for negotiations with the vendor or landlord if any issues are found.

Building Condition Surveys

A building condition survey focuses on the properties structure. Along with identify issues such as if the property will need a new roof during the term of your lease. The benefits also help establish the suitability of the property for your intended use.

If a particular issue or defect is noticed or you want to add heavy equipment to certain areas, a structural survey may also be commissioned.

MEP Building Services Condition Survey

These surveys focus on the condition and design of the installed services, such as the heating, air conditioning, lighting, electrics, drains, etc. It also looks at the needs of the intended use; is there enough power for your needs? can the air conditioning cope with some many people?

The building services can cost tens of thousands if they fail and need to be replaced. They can also account for over 50% of a buildings refurbishment cost if not suitable for the building’s intended use. In some cases the installed equipment cannot be maintained legally and needs replacing, another liability you may be forced to pay for.

CCTV Drainage Survey

Any underground drains connected to the main sewage line are your responsibility and can be expensive to repair. Getting a CCTV survey can ensure that they aren’t broken or about to be collapse. Unfortunately the other way of finding out is when sewage backflows into you property.

Schedule of Condition

This is a report that will be prepared by the building surveyors and if agreed with the landlord, attached to the lease. It lists the current condition of the property at the start of your lease and will reduce your dilapidation liabilities when you come to terminate the lease. It is an extensive photographic record of the fabric and services of the building at the start of a tenancy. The condition surveys can be used to help prepare the Schedule of Condition.

EPC Reviews & MEES Improvement

EPC Reviews & MEES Improvement

The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is the energy rating of the building and is meant to serve as an indicator of how much the property will costs to heat and light.

EPC ratings have also starting to affect rental prices. A recent report published by JLL stating a single increase in rating band was worth a 4% increase in rent on properties in London.

Under current MEES legalisation, landlords need a minimum E rating to let a building and the government is looking to tighten this to a minimum B rating. To reduce risks, banks are now requiring these minimum ratings in their lending terms.

With such major implications, Landlords are now adding green clauses into the lease to make the tenant responsible for ensuring the buildings EPC rating doesn’t drop during any tenant alterations and will be responsible for meeting any future minimum standards which could cost a tenant £10,000s.

Due to lax enforcement, it is not unheard of for landlords to get suspect EPC ratings which allows them to charge higher rents and not carry out required improvement works to the property. Having an independent EPC review of the property will ensure you are not being caught out and can be a basis for lease and rent negotiations with the landlord.

As a MEP Building Services Consultancy, we can also advise what potential impact any changes made to the property will have to the EPC rating during a refurbishment and the likely costs involved.



Ensure you know the dilapidations liabilities at the start of lease and what the costs are at the end. Dilapidations refers to the condition of the property at the end of your lease and any changes to the building (both interior and exterior) that may have happened under your tenancy.

A dilapidation survey assess the condition of the property prior to returning to the landlord, it identifies any ‘mistreatment’ and poor maintenance. Unless agreed to by the landlord, any changes to the building that may have happened under a tenancy need to be rectified so that the property is handed back in the condition in which it was leased.  

It is important to undertake a Schedule of Condition at the start of the lease so when a Schedule of Dilapidations is issued, there is a something to compare the changes against.

Two dilapidation reports are normally commissioned; one on behalf of the Landlord and one on behalf of the Tennant. Both reports are carried out by independent building consultants like us at SEA Consulting and then negotiations about how much repair works are needing to be undertaken and the costs involved are settled.

Using our many decades of knowledge and experience we have helped hundreds of tenants over the years to reduce many unnecessary dilapidations costs being asked for by the landlord.

We recommend that a precondition dilapidation report is carried out 12 months before the end of the current lease period. This enables any work needing to be carried out, can be done economically before the end of the lease.

If your lease is coming to an end or you are looking to sign a new lease, contact us today to discuss you property.

MEP Design and Project Management Services

MEP Design and Project Management Services

Are you looking to carry out a refurbishment on your property to make it more suitable for your needs?

At SEA Consulting we provide a personal and professional consultancy service to help you to understand your buildings better and maximise your refurbishment budget. We also work in partnership with the architects and interior designers to ensure the look and feel of the internal space is what you are looking for.

The building services can be one of the most challenging building elements to understand and get right. If not designed correctly the consequences can be major sore points for you long term enjoyment of a property. Installation costs can be as much as 50% of a refurbishment and running costs are a large percentage of outgoings.

As Building Services and Sustainability Consulting Engineers, we have a similar role as architects, but design cost effective and sustainable building services solutions for the plumber, electrician, air conditioning, heating engineer, etc. to install. We also mange the project implementation to ensure the contractors install everything correctly and services work as designed.

Click here for more information on how SEA Consulting can help you with your MEP Design and Project Management.

Landlord and Council Disputes

Landlord and Council Disputes

Are service charge disputes causing friction between yourself and the landlord tenants. The disputes often revolve around the costs incurred for the maintenance and management of the property.

Typical disputes are around:

  • Landlords Not Providing Agreed Services
  • Boiler Replacement Works
  • Air Conditioning Replacement Works
  • Compliance With Current Building Regulations
  • Energy Costs
  • Electrical Safety and Compliance
  • Fair proportions of service charges in multi tenanted premises

If you are in need of help with a service charge issue with you landlord contact us today. Click here to find out how SEA Consulting can help you with your service charge disputes.

Arbitration and Expert Witness Advice for Disputes

Sometime an issue with a landlord, the council or other interest party can not be solved amicably and independent expert opinion on the disputed topic is needed. Whether that be for a planning application, arbitration, tribunal or litigation case.

Here at SEA Consulting we can provide providing independent, unbiased and impartial reports on MEP Building Services and compliance issues. We have helped settle many cases in and out of the court room by helping to show the problems being faced by tenants in and the solutions available to overcome them.

Contact us today to discuss you issues, more information can be found here.

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) Schedules

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) Schedules

When you lease a building, you normally have agreed to keep their property in good repair and safe condition in the lease. The right maintenance strategy for the property should be a key consideration to reduce ongoing running costs.

Regular planned maintenance PPM helps avoid equipment failures, reducing unexpected maintenance costs and unplanned disturbances.

Find out about how SEA Consulting can help you with your planned preventative maintenance (PPM) here.

Building Services Troubleshooting

Building Services Troubleshooting

The HVAC systems (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) and lighting are meant to work seamlessly and go unnoticed by it occupants. When they are not properly designed or working correctly they can cause ongoing distress and frustration.

A competent maintenance engineer can fix day-to-day faults. However, when the problem persists, it could be a fundamental flaw in the design of the system. If you are having ongoing problems contact us to discuss your property

Find out more about how SEA Consulting can help you troubleshooting your building services and reduce your running costs here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tenant Representation

How can your MEP building services engineers assist new tenants with due diligence?

Our MEP building services engineers assist new tenants with due diligence by conducting thorough inspections of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. We identify potential issues, ensure compliance with regulations, and provide detailed reports to help you make informed leasing decisions.

What are condition reports and why are they important for tenants?

Condition reports document the state of a property’s MEP systems at the start of a lease. These reports are crucial for tenants to understand the existing condition, negotiate lease terms, and avoid disputes over damages or repairs at the end of the tenancy.

How do EPC reviews benefit tenants?

EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) reviews assess the energy efficiency of a property. SEA Consulting provide detailed EPC reviews to help tenants understand energy costs, identify potential improvements, and ensure compliance with energy efficiency regulations.

What are dilapidations and how can SEA Consulting help?

Dilapidations refer to the tenant’s obligation to return a leased property to its original condition. We assist by evaluating the MEP systems, identifying necessary repairs, and providing expert advice to minimize costs and disputes with landlords.

Why is MEP design important for tenants?

MEP design is essential for creating a comfortable, efficient, and compliant working environment. SEA Consulting provides tailored MEP design solutions to meet tenants’ specific needs, ensuring optimal performance and regulatory compliance.

How can MEP Building Services Consultants help tenants in legal disputes as expert witnesses?

Our experienced engineers can serve as expert witnesses in legal disputes, providing unbiased, professional testimony regarding MEP system conditions, compliance issues, and industry standards. This helps tenants build a strong case and achieve fair outcomes in legal disputes with landlords or councils.

What is PPM and why do tenants need it?

Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) involves regular maintenance of MEP systems to prevent failures and extend their lifespan. Our PPM services help tenants avoid unexpected breakdowns, reduce operational costs, and ensure a safe, reliable environment.

How do you troubleshoot building services issues for tenants?

We offer comprehensive troubleshooting for building services issues, including diagnosing problems with HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems. Our experts quickly identify and resolve issues, ensuring minimal disruption to tenant operations.

What should tenants look for in a condition report?

Tenants should look for a detailed assessment of the MEP systems’ condition, including any existing defects, compliance with standards, and recommendations for repairs or upgrades. This information helps in negotiating lease terms and planning maintenance.

How can SEA Consulting enhance a tenant's leasing experience?

Our MEP Building Services Engineers enhance the leasing experience by providing expert advice, ensuring compliance with regulations, optimizing building systems for efficiency, and supporting tenants through every stage of their tenancy, from due diligence to troubleshooting.