When will MEES regulations change? Are we still on track?

The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) started life back in 2018, they were created to regulate the landlords of commercial property and help make the the UK that bit greener. Landlords whose properties do not meet these standards would be prohibitted from renting to tenants, until their properties meet the MEES regulations.

The changes to MEES regulation were expected to be staggered until 2030, when all commercial properties would have been expected to have an A rating to help us achieve our climate change targets and reach Net Zero. Rather unsurprisingly, in response to the Climate Change Comittee’s 2023 Annual Progress Resport the government is looking to update their proposed timelines. This is in order to provide landlords and the supply chain ample time to complete the work. 

The regulations for Commercial EPCs are changing, currently all properties must be at least rated E. This inforgraphic shows how it's like to change over the coming years.

Are the MEES regulatory changes still coming?

The government seems to be pulling back on a lot of its green targets over the last few months, in September 2023 they scrapped EPC requirements for residential properties. It appears changes are likely for commercial properties too, as the “government has seemingly rowed back on its demand for commercial landlords to upgrade properties to EPC C or higher by 2027”.

This isn’t a clear indication that MEES regulations will be completely abolished for commercial landlords, but it does appear to have caused a fair amount of confusion within the industry. Many landlords and businesses have been left unclear as to whether they should continue with their planned work, or delay until they no more.

There is a huge amount of work to be completed on commercial property as a whole, React News recently reported that there were 19,000 commercial buildings in the UK that currently have an EPC rating of below F. The current MEES regulations require at least an EPC E rating, so all of these buildings are currently non-compliant and with a limited number of contractors (electricians, builders, plumbers) the deadline might not leave enough time for the work to be completed.

Property acquisition and condition reports from SEA Consulting

Should I still refurbish or redevelop my building to meet MEES regulations?

The short answer is yes.

Although the government does appear to be making some changes to the MEES regulations and their timelines, it’s more likely they’ll either extend the deadline or lower the required rating. We are still on a path to Net Zero, so MEES regulations are unlikely to be entirely abolished.

With a limited number of contractors and a huge amount of work, it’s probably a good idea to get ahead of the game and discuss how you can improve your building’s energy performance with a reputable building services engineer.

SEA Consulting are a team of Chartered Building Services Engineers specialising in sustianable MEP Design. With over 40 years in the industry SEA Consulting can help you plan and stagger the changes to your property portfolio, enabling you to meet and exceed all regulations in a cost effective, sustainable and mangeable way.