Wexham Springs, Slough

Building Refurbishment in Slough
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Wexham Springs, Slough - Refurbishment / EPC Improvement

SEA Consulting was instructed to assess the condition of existing HVAC services of two office buildings at Wexham Springs with a view to improve the EPC rating so that they complied with the MEES regulations.

As it stood, the buildings were achieving G ratings. The main cause of which due to the existing Variable Air Volume (VAV) air conditioning systems, which were conditioning the occupied space.

After carrying out a review of the buildings, we presented the client with multiple options to improve the EPC ratings along with the indicative costs involved.

To reduce the initial capital costs, the client decided to upgrade the existing HVAC systems which would improve the EPC ratings to an E grade. This would make both buildings compliant with the existing regulations.

With our advice and guidance, the client planned to implement a long term refurbishment strategy with a view to improve the building EPC ratings to meet the proposed MEES regulations for 2030.

The planned refurbishment works had to take place whilst existing tenants remained in occupation, a plan to minimise disruption was factored into the alterations.

Wexham Springs Project Highlights

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Completed in 3 months

The advice and refurbishment works were design and implement within 3 months.

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EPC Improvement

With careful design and consideration to the tenants needs, the building was made MEES compliant with minimum disruption.

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Cost Saving

We were able to show the client options that were within their current budget and allow them to plan for the future.